Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Six Seeds Your Body Needs

They say good things come in small packages…
and if "they" are talking about healthy foods well then they got it right!

Seeds are some of the healthiest foods you can eat and they are so easy to fit into your day.

Here are the 6 best seeds and the reasons why you need all the awesome health benefits these little guys have to offer…

Who: FLAX seeds
What: tons of fibre and omega 3 fatty acids
Why: contribute to a healthy heart, lower blood sugar levels, keep the digestive system happy
Where: use grounds flax seeds in smoothies, baked goods and on top of your oatmeal

Who: PUMPKIN seeds
What: full of protein and zinc
Why: keep you full, keep your muscles strong and make your skin beautiful
Where: snack on a handful of raw pumpkin seeds as is, sprinkle on salads, garnish soup or use them to replace nuts in any baking dish

Who: SESAME seeds
What: an excellent source of calcium, minerals and iron
Why: keep your bones strong and healthy, maintain healthy iron levels
Where: sprinkle into hummus, add into rice and quinoa dishes

Who: CHIA seeds
What: loaded with antioxidants, protein and fibre
Why: aid in disease prevention, keep your digestive system healthy, keep you feeling full
Where: add to smoothies, oatmeal, salads, or mash some up with berries to make "jam"

Who: SUNFLOWER seeds
What: high in B vitamins and vitamin E
Why: anti-inflamatory, reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, lowers cholesterol
Where: add them to stir fry's, buddah bowls, salads, or a healthy trail mix

Who: HEMP seeds
What: tons of magnesium, protein from all 20 amino acids, omegas
Why: aid in digestion of protein, healthy sleep, improved immune function
Where: use them in baked goods, smoothies, quinoa and oatmeal

Sending you sunshine, happiness and seed love,

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