Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Parsley - so much more than a garnish...

Oh parsley - the pretty herb everyone loves to use as a garnish…

Yes, it does make any dish look like it came from a gourmet restaurant but its beauty is so much more than skin deep!

1/2 a cup has more health benefits than you could ever imagine:

554% of your recommended vitamin K
(keeps blood healthy, maintains bone density, antioxidant)

54% of your recommended vitamin C (who knew!)
(enhances iron absorption, antioxidant - especially for skin)

14% of your recommended vitamin A
(healthy vision, immune booster, anti-inflammatory)

It is also a good source of folate and iron. 

Along with all these vitamins and mineral parsley also contains two components for optimal health - volatile oils which keep healthy cells healthy and inhibit tumor formation and flavonoids which act as antioxidants. Both are big on disease prevention - sweet!

So - now that you are equipped with all this new info on parsley and how awesome it is - its time to start incorporating it into your meals - not just a little sprig on top of your hummus! Add half a cup to your salad - it adds a delicious flavor with the lettuces. Mix it in with quinoa, lentil and rice dishes - especially since it has lots of vitamin c which helps you better absorb those iron rich foods.  Even try it in your green smoothie or in soup. Plant some in your garden or even in a little pot in your kitchen so you always have it available.

Sending you sunshine, happiness and parsley love,

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