Monday, June 15, 2015

Mint Iced Tea - my go to summer drink

I am totally loving these warm, sunny June days.
Loving it!
Working outside, doing yoga outside, golfing…
However there is a definite need to stay hydrated and although I'm an avid water drinker - I am often looking for something with a little more flavour…
Cue the Mint Iced Tea!
Super easy to make - I boil a litre of water, and use a loose leaf steeping tea pot like the one pictured below - I actually got that one at IKEA and am very happy with it. I fill the mesh basket with two organic peppermint tea bags (strings and tags removed) and about 10 fresh mint leaves from the garden. Add the boiled water and let steep for about 10 minutes and cool to about room temperature. Then I just fill a glass with ice and poor it on top. It is a bit of a concentrate so if you would like the tea weaker add more ice and maybe even some filtered water - if you like it strong then less ice. You can keep the concentrate in the fridge for two days.

So easy and delicious! Plus super healthy - it is caffeine free so it is keeping you hydrated, along with soothing and aiding your digestive system, boosting your immunity and relieving stress.
Drink up baby!

Sending you sunshine, happiness and refreshing mint iced tea love,

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