Friday, April 10, 2015

Cucumbers for Healthy Hydrated Skin

As the season's change, so does our skin and although the dryness of winter is hopefully behind us, it is still super important to keep your skin hydrated, especially as the sun starts to peek out for longer and longer days.

Yes your moisturizer works well, but it is even more effective to hydrate from the inside. Call in one of my fav's - the cool cucumber…

Cucumbers are 95% water - eating them keeps you hydrated, eliminating harmful toxins from your body and keeping your skin clean and clear.  Hydrated skin has less acne and looks fresh and glowing.

Want to get more cucumber in your day?
  1. Slice them up in your salad
  2. Cut them thick and dip them in hummus
  3. Make Cucumber Crisps as a snack - get the recipe here
  4. Slice some up and put it in your water - ahhhh spa water!
  5. When all else fails, put two chilled cucumber slices on your eyes and lay down for 5 minutes - it reduces any inflammation and gives you a fresh boost!

Sunshine, Happiness, Love (and some cucumber slices),

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