Wednesday, April 15, 2015

31 Healthiest Foods of All Time - 26 of them are VEGAN

In TIME's most recent "What to Eat Now" magazine they list the 31 Healthiest Foods of All Time -  84% of them are Vegan!

Banana Apple Quinoa Tomato Beans Blueberries Sweet Potato Spinach

What does that tell us - basically that the healthiest foods we can put in our bodies are whole fruits and veggies - shocking! Well that and some red wine & dark chocolate #sundaynightsnack

They quote: "The food guide to end all food guides: Here are the practically perfect things you should be eating now" - love that!

I could write a blog post about each and every one of these foods and most likely will, if I haven't already, but for today a quick reference on the who's and why's.

So here's the list - Picky Diet edited to include only the Vegan stuff!

Black Beans - protein, fibre, anti-cancer, pro-heart
Kale - cancer fighter, fibre, vitamin K=healthy cell growth
Walnuts - crazy amount of antioxidants, Omega 3's for your heart
Dark Chocolate - antioxidants for your metabolism
Red Wine - (1-2 glasses a day) resveratrol for longevity
Pumpkin - fibre, vitamin A (for your skin), beta carotene
Quinoa - complete protein for muscles and metabolism
Bananas - potassium for blood pressure & overall health
Red Beets - folate for red blood cell growth, cancer fighter
Broccoli - raises immunity, anti-cancer
Sweet Potatoes  - potassium, fibre
Kidney Beans - iron, protein, magnesium
Steel-Cut Oatmeal - fibre-filled, heart healthy, B vitamins
Lentils - tons of iron, fibre, protein (easier to digest than beans)
Eggplant - B vitamins, antioxidants to protect the brain
Brussels Sprouts - reduces risk of lung, breast, stomach cancers
Apples - anti-inflamatory, antioxidants "A perfect diet food"
Flaxseeds - protein, omega 3 acid ALA for a healthy heart
EVOO - lowers cholesterol, vitamin E (healthy skin)
Tomatoes - vitamins A, C & K, lycopene
Chia Seeds - omega 3 ALA, good for digestion
Whole Wheat Bread - be sure it is 100% whole grain & vegan
Almonds - protein, lowers cholesterol
Blueberries - memory bolstering carotenoids, vitamins C & E
Bulger - whole grain, corrects blood-sugar levels
Spinach - iron, calcium, vitamin A, folate

Want to include more of these awesome foods in your diet? Go to Picky Diet's recipes here for easy, delicious ways to eat healthy.

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