Monday, May 9, 2016

Why You Need Plants Inside Your Home...

Eating clean, whole unprocessed food is a great way to start the detoxification process on the inside.

But toxins aren't only inside our bodies, they are also inside our homes - cleaning products, furniture, carpet, flooring, electronics, cooking - there are so many things that cause indoor air pollution.

The answer to clearing up this indoor air? Plants.

So simple and so pretty.

Aside from being practical - they are also very trendy right now.

Look for easy to maintain plants in pots that compliment your decor. They don't have to be expensive or exotic. Take note of how much light they need when deciding where to put them. I water all of mine once a week. Super easy.

I keep a lot of plants in my office space in an effort to reduce the radiation emitted by my electronics. Also, since plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen - they are good to have around to keep me alert and clear headed.

Other great spots to put house plants are in the bedroom for peaceful, clean air rest and in the kitchen to clear some of the air from cooking.

Wondering which ones to buy?

Any type of palm (big or small), succulents, ferns, spider plants and banana leaf plants are rated the best for air purification. As a side note, if you enjoy fresh flowers (and who doesn't???) tulips and gerber daisies are the best for removing toxins from the air.

So get out there and bring some gorgeous plants home - they will look great and will keep your home a healthier place to live.

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