Wednesday, January 13, 2016

7 Healthy Resolutions You Will Actually Keep

Yes, its January 13 and yes that would make me about 13 days late on this "resolutions" post - but notice its not called 'New Year's' Resolutions - its just called Resolutions - makes me feel better about being so late ;-) and it also means that you can start them anytime - not just January first. There, now we all feel better!

In the past I've set big, giant, life changing New Year's resolutions...and they don't always work out. Has the same thing happened to you? Why? Because the way to really make a change for a healthier, better you is to do it in small, obtainable steps that will eventually become a habit - FYI creating a new habit takes about 6 months so be patient peeps!

Here are 7 (seems like a lot but it isn't - don't worry) little resolutions that will make you healthier overall - weight loss, better sleep, more energy...yep its all covered! I've personally written these down and posted them up to look at everyday as a reminder.

1. Chew your food.
This honestly sounds so simple but if you really think about it how much thought do you put into chewing? Usually we are so busy we just wolf down whatever we are eating. Really chewing your food breaks it down for better digestion and will make you realize when you are actually full. Try it. Life changing.

2. Try a new vegetable, fruit, nut or seed once a month.
Who knows, you may fall in love...

3. Drink one more glass of water a day than you already do.
Your brain is 85% water. Enough said.

4. Make physical activity more accessible.
Put a jump rope beside your bed and jump rope for 5 minutes in the morning, go for a walk outside (even just around the block) because everything counts. Mark your workout (whatever that is - yoga class, 15 minutes of cardio, etc) in your calendar as an appointment with a reminder like you would an important meeting and keep it- its the most important meeting you have.

5. Write down 3 things you are thankful for each week.
Put a note in your phone or write in a notebook. Gratitude keeps you healthy just like kale does.

6. Only eat ingredients you can pronounce.
If you don't recognize an ingredient, neither does your body.
Quinoa does count.

7. Take a warm bath with epsom salts once a week.
The epsom salts detox your skin and give you magnesium which relaxes your muscles and helps you sleep. Try and relax - stress = inflammation.

Thats it.
Seems a lot easier than 5am boot camp 5 days a week and no carbs!

Sending you sunshine, happiness and resolution love,

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