Wednesday, August 5, 2015

6 Reasons You Need To Be Drinking Nettle Tea

I love tea.
Everything seems better with a  cup of tea - working, studying, a warm bath, a tv show, a good book…
Since I easily go through 6 or more cups of tea a day I'm always looking for a new kind to keep things interesting…I'm also always looking for one that provides the best health benefits.
Peppermint with its soothing tummy abilities and its uplifting scent ranks pretty high.
And I do love the cleansing and warming properties of a nice ginger or even lemon ginger.
However these days a new fav is topping the list:
Organic Nettle
Nettle Tea
Here's why I'm in love with Nettle Tea and why you should too:

  1. Reduces seasonal allergy symptoms and helps keep those allergies at bay. 
  2. Stimulates the lymph system to boost immunity.
  3. Anti-inflammatory - helping with arthritis symptoms including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid.
  4. Supports healthy kidneys, spleen, thyroid and pancreas.
  5. Helps relieve menstrual symptoms including bloating and cramps. 
  6. Soothes gastrointestinal symptoms.

These are only 6 health benefits of the very many nettle tea provides. It is definitely a little bitter on the first taste but after a few sips you get used to it and it becomes very soothing. My fist time drinking it, I was experiencing some pretty bad "girl cramps" and had an appointment that I needed to be on my game for. I had read about the soothing benefits of nettle and thought why not try a cup and see what happens. I can honestly say that within 30 minutes of one large cup of the nettle tea all of my cramps and bloating disappeared. I'm hooked!

Sending you sunshine, happiness and a warm cup of nettle tea,

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