Thursday, May 7, 2015

Protein Up Your Hummus!

I love hummus.
Definitely my fav go to snack food.
Obviously it is a source of vegan protein - since it is made from Garbanzo beans, however I find that a plate of veggies and hummus doesn't leave me as full as I would like.  So lately I've decided to spark it up to get more protein, as well as other awesome nutrients. This is a really easy way to get more of the protein and nutrients you need while enjoying one of your favourite foods. I've been adding one or two tablespoons (depending on how much you are having) of one of the following super foods to my hummus and stirring them in:
  • Flax - adding ground flax means your hummus now has extra protein, omega's for your heart and brain, and fibre keeping you full and your digestive system happy
  • Pumpkin Seeds - sprinkling pumpkin seeds on your hummus gives it extra iron and zinc in addition to protein. The iron is good for healthy red blood cells and the zinc works wonders for your skin - plus it makes for a nice crunch
  • Hemp Seeds - these are my favourite addition - you don't even notice them and you are getting more protein, iron and magnesium - super healthy. (I like to use Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Hearts
  • Toasted Quinoa - this adds an awesome crunch and a ton of protein and essential amino acids providing you with energy to get through your day. Not sure how to toast quinoa? Just rinse 1/2 a cup well, put a medium size saucepan or frying pan on medium heat on the stove, add in half of the quinoa and move it around with a wire whisk until all the moisture has disappeared and the quinoa has become crunchy (about 5 minutes - and be careful not to burn them), repeat with the second half. No oil needed. Store in an airtight container for up to three days in the fridge. These are also a great on a salad for extra protein. 

Sending you sunshine, happiness and extra vegan protein, 

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