Friday, January 10, 2014

Green Tea Health Benefits

Green Tea is a true SUPERFOOD. There are countless health benefits from having a few comforting cups everyday and because it contains caffeine - you can swap out one of your cups of coffee for it - a small easy change to make for a better, healthier (i.e. happier) YOU! The JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) published a study suggesting that Green Tea lowers risk of death due to all causes, including Cardiovascular Disease. WOW! Now that if that isn't motivation to get some of this magic green stuff in your body everyday, I don't know what is! 
Three AMAZING Health Benefits of Green Tea
1. Protects against Cancer - Green Tea contains a catechin (antioxidant) called EGCG with is a super hero fighter in your body against damaged or diseased cells.
2. Promotes Weight Loss - the catechins in Green Tea trigger weight loss by stimulating the body to burn calories and decrease body fat. 
3. Supports Bone Health - yes, you read that correctly! Green Tea supports healthy bones and teeth by protecting the cells responsible for their growth from damaging free radicals that are trying to break the bone down.
Three SUPER EASY ways to get more Green Tea in your diet
1. Switch out one of your cups of coffee for a cup of Green Tea, brew one in the afternoon as a pick me up or add some frothed almond milk for a Vegan Green Tea latte (please be wary of ordering these at coffee shops as they usually contain more sugar than you need in a whole day - you are better off ordering a plain green tea)
2. Brew a large pot of Green Tea and keep it in the fridge to use for cooking. Instead of using plain water to boil for oatmeal or rice - use brewed green tea!
3. Brew a pot of Green Tea with a few pieces of thinly sliced ginger and juice from half a lemon. Chill and drink with your meal to promote good digestion and a little liver detox.

Green Tea Tips!
  • When brewing it initially - use water that is just about to boil - using boiling water to brew can burn the tea leaves. 
  • Try to use organic when you can. My fav is Eden Foods Organic Sencha which can be found at various grocery stores including Whole Foods and also online -
So today take a little time for yourself and relax with a wonderful cup of Green Tea...

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