Monday, July 11, 2016

Creamy Vegan Ice Cream

Yes you read that correctly - vegan ice cream is a thing.

This has taken me a long time to accept. Conventional dairy ice cream was a big part of my childhood - as I'm sure many of you can relate. First of all I lived in a town that had its own dairy literally a block from my school. Secondly there was a little ice cream shoppe on the way home from the golf course and there was nothing like a creamy cold cone after 4 hours walking in the heat.

Oh how times have changed. These days I can no longer tolerate dairy and even if I could I wouldn't be eating it anyway - too many hormones, antibiotics and inflammatory proteins for me.

So on to a plant based version that I've come to love...

Yes, you can buy vegan ice cream from the grocery store - and don't get me wrong it is totally delicious - however this homemade recipe contains no preservatives and is seriously healthy. Like 4 ingredient healthy!

It is full of potassium, fibre, protein and magnesium.

It is super simple to make...

Ok, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. It is made using frozen bananas. Peel them, slice them, freeze them (for at least 5 hours) and then blend them in a food processor or high speed blender. They will get incredibly creamy and are not over powered with banana flavour (which was a pleasant surprise). Once you have blended them a bit you can add any ingredients you like - blueberries, cinnamon, a little dark chocolate...the options are endless.

I recommend keeping a stash of frozen, sliced bananas in the freezer at all times so you can whip this up whenever your heart desires - waiting 5 hours for ice cream is not fun.

My favourite flavour combo so far is Pecan and Caramel - give it a try one of these hot summer days - I think you will love it!


"Life is like ice cream, enjoy it before it melts."

Creamy Pecan & Caramel Vegan Ice Cream

serves 2 (or 1, if sharing isn't your thing!)
4 ripe bananas
6 Medjool dates, pitted and chopped
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
8 pecans, roughly chopped (plus a couple more for sprinkling on top)

Peel and thinly slice the bananas and then freeze them for at least 5 hours.*

When you are ready to make the ice cream, place the frozen bananas in a food processor or high speed blender and let them sit for a couple minutes to slightly defrost.

Blend for a couple minutes until you have a smooth and creamy mixture. Add the dates, vanilla extract and pecans and blend for another couple minutes until everything is well combined.

Serve promptly.

*I keep peeled, sliced bananas in my freezer so there is no wait time!

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