Monday, April 11, 2016

Picky City Guide: Vegan in Vegas

Introducing the first "Picky City Guide" with real info on where and what to eat in different cities.

No need for Google - this blog will show you where to eat that totally works if you are Plant Based, Gluten Free or just want to be healthy when travelling.

First stop for the "Picky City Guide" is a Vegas Weekend...

If you really want to make things easy (i.e. not having to leave the hotel for every meal) stay at the Wynn/Encore. Every restaurant has a vegan menu - from breakfast cafe to fine dining - which makes it so easy to order - no long chats with the waiter and no studying menus searching for what you can eat.

Breakfast at the Wynn was great - usually a difficult meal for plant based peeps to eat out - The Terrace Point Cafe that overlooks the pool had amazing vegan waffles, delicious green smoothies and a savoury tofu breakfast scramble.

Key Lime Green Smoothie at Terrace Point Cafe at the Wynn

Tofu Breakfast Scramble at Terrace Point Cafe at the Wynn

Costa D'Mare (Wynn) is a gorgeous fine dining restaurant where I had a beautiful mushroom risotto (right from the vegan menu) paired with some fab champagne.

Where else to eat?

Giada - do I need to say more? This is Giada De Laurentiis' first restaurant and its at The Cromwell Hotel. Needless to say the food was totally delicious. I was there for dinner but they are open for breakfast and lunch. I had some fabulous vegan arancini (rice balls) as an appy, an amazing kale date salad and swiss chard rolls stuffed with rice and veggies with tomato sauce. Yum. Super accommodating and a gorgeous restaurant.

Prosecco at the bar at Giada at The Cromwell

Swiss Chard Rolls at Giada at The Cromwell

Harvest - this is a new restaurant in Bellagio that focusses on "Sustainable and Seasonal" dining. They had a few vegan options on the menu and were very accommodating. The Spring Harvest Salad is delish and they list the local farms the veggies come from. Also some of their cocktails are made with fresh pressed juices - might as well get your greens any way you can...

Lavo - located in the Palazzo this swanky Italian restaurant has good atmosphere and good food. Great salads, pasta or brick oven pizza. I liked the roasted beet salad and they had an awesome fresh tomato and basil pasta.

Enjoying some Pinot at Lavo

FIVE50 Pizza Bar - so I was totally craving pizza for lunch and ended up in the Aria at FIVE50. How upset was I when I found out there was dairy in their dough (yes this happens which is why you always have to ask). Anyways they were about to be scratched off my list when they redeemed themselves with a gorgeous hummus and veggie platter and a light lemony dressed arugula salad. In the end my lunch was delicious so they made the list. I do know that if you are craving dairy free za, Cucina by Wolfgang Puck in the Crystals has dairy-free dough - load it up with veggies and you are good to go.

Next time you are in Vegas and want somewhere healthy to eat - check out a couple of these great spots.


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