Saturday, February 13, 2016

10 Amazing Foods for Your Amazing Heart

Valentines Day is around the corner and love is in the air.

Not only is it time to celebrate the love in your life, its also time to celebrate your own heart.

Its an amazing organ.

It literally keeps us alive.

It falls in love. It gets broken. It gets hurt. It makes us feel love and emotion.

It works its tail off for you everyday.

And yet...

Heart disease is the # 1 disease in North America.

In almost every case this disease can be prevented or healed with diet and lifestyle.

Are you treating your heart right? Are you feeding it the foods it needs to stay healthy?

Here are 9 Amazing Foods for Your Amazing Heart. Next time you are deciding what to eat - think about your heart and show it some love...xo

Dark Chocolate Yes its true, although not the whole bar in one sitting. Dark chocolate has antioxidants that relax arteries and increase blood flow helping to lower blood pressure. Make sure to choose at least 60% cocoa (70 or 80% is even better) and try to pick organic with no palm oil or saturated fat. My fav brand is Alter Ego - Peppermint or Quinoa.

Chia Seeds These little seeds are powerhouses for cardiovascular health. They contain plant based Omega 3’s that reduce bad cholesterol and help to clear away plaque buildup.  Sprinkle some on your cereal, salad or in your hummus.

Avocado These gorgeous green goddesses are loaded with "good fats" which lower blood cholesterol and reduce blood clots. Mash them up on toast, slice them on a salad or make some delicious Black Bean Stuffed Avocados

Green Tea  There is nothing like a warm cup of green tea. It is good for everything – not just your heart. The huge amount of antioxidants help lower hypertension and reduce blood clots. Try Organic Sencha or Matcha for the highest amount of antioxidants.

Apples And keep the skin on since it is full of antioxidants. Apples contain pectin that blocks the absorption of cholesterol. They are also full of good fibre. Use them to make Apple Almond Quinoa for breakfast.

Blueberries Bursting with flavour and flavonoids – an antioxidant that prevents coronary disease.  They also pack a lot of fibre that helps eliminate cholesterol from your system before being absorbed into the bloodstream and also controls blood sugar. Try to pick organic and keep frozen ones on hand so you have no excuse. Put them in anything – smoothies, cereal, salad, dessert…

Cauliflower Certainly not the most popular food in heart healthy lists but nonetheless a strong contender. The antioxidants it contains have been shown to lower heart attack risk and reduce cholesterol. I love it roasted with a kale salad - get the recipe here

Oatmeal I’m talking about the real oats – not the instant, flavoured ones that have more sugar than you need and have been processed.  The real oats are high in fibre like blueberries and apples helping remove bad cholestorol from your body before it hits your bloodstream. It will also keep you full fighting off the urge for mid morning unhealthy snacking.  Sprinkle it with chia seeds and blueberries for the ultimate heart healthy breakfast.

Red Wine Saved my fav for last. As with the dark chocolate this is best enjoyed in moderation. A glass is brimming with resveratrol an antioxidant that reduces cholesterol and increases arterial health. Cheers to your heart.

Sending you sunshine, happiness and healthy heart love,

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